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From breach to birth!

I was 30 weeks pregnant when my daughter turned breach. My doctor kept telling me not to worry she'll turn. Week after week until finally at 34 weeks I was told if she didn't turn within the next week or 2, I'd be scheduled for a C-Section. I tried everything. Stretches, squats, and walking. Having heard that chiropractic care can help turn breach babies, I went to see Dr Steve Sciuto.   After seeing him a few times a week for 2 weeks I had an ultrasound to determine if a C-Section was in my future. She had turned! Thank you so much to Dr Sciuto for helping to make sure my baby girl came into the world as safely as possible!!    Jennifer Chretien Burke

Natural Drug Free Pain Relief

I came to Perrault Chiropractic with pain in both arms and chest going into my neck, as well as some low back pain with tingling in my left hand and foot. I had been suffering for many months. The muscle spasms were interfering increasingly with my animal shelter volunteer work and my doctor said I was probably going to need surgery. Not good. I found the office staff to be very friendly and efficient. Dr. Luscomb is very knowledgeable and works miracles. After only a few visits, I was feeling better and within a week I had no muscle spasms. My energy level has increased too. My outlook is more hopeful now as I am pain-free, happier and not anticipating surgery. Chiropractic care is a natural Drug-Free Pain relief option. I have recommended friends and will continue to do so. As I told Dr. Luscomb, I could be your chiropractic poster child. - Patricia M.

Being healthy is now Marbella's normal!

My husband and I were very skeptical at first about bringing our 6 year old daughter, Marbella, to a chiropractor. Since Marbella was 1 year old she struggled with breathing issues that would wake her up and prevent her from sleeping through the night. She got sick very easily and was on antibiotics off and on for years. She was also prescribed daily nebulizer treatments and prednisone.  Marbella continued to get sick even with the medications. We were at our wits end on what to do to help our only child.

A good friend of ours, Dr. Scott Darragh, is a chiropractor and he told us chiropractic could possibly help Marbella. His office is too far to bring Marbella on a consistent basis. We also heard from Dr. Tom Perrault, Sr. that chiropractic is very effective for helping children who get sick easily. We decided to make an appointment with Dr. Deborah Fudge, a chiropractor at Perrault Chiropractic in Methuen.

On 10/10/18 we all went for Marbella's first visit. Dr. Fudge took the time to get to know Marbella and make her feel comfortable. She made her laugh and before we knew it Marbella was also making jokes. Once Marbella was comfortable, Dr. Fudge did an examination on Marbella's spine. She found a couple of key areas that were not moving properly. She explained how if the vertebrae are out of alignment it can have a negative impact on the nervous system. She started making gentle adjustments to these areas, referred to as subluxations, and we started to see changes in Marbella's chronic coughing. Her first night of no coughing was like a dream come true!

She has gotten through this winter without missing school due to sickness. Marbella is sleeping better, has more energy and she is I not getting sick like she used to. She is off prednisone and she no longer needs her nebulizer. Being healthy is now Marbella's normal!

If your child is experiencing similar health concerns, consider giving chiropractic a try. Our only regret is we didn't start sooner!

Walki & Johan Lopez